Photodiode Amplifier LTA-10

This product is designed for the purpose of an amplifier for photodiode, and can use it for various objective amplifiers as I-V amplifier.
It can set an electric current to up to 50uA for a measurement object connected to input, it is available as an amplifier for various sensors
A convenient measurement terminal is equipped for the wave form monitor.
A simple low-pass filter is equipped with for the signal observation of the lower frequency of DC-15 kHz range.
The Auto-offset function to coordinate automatically an offset current for a dark current or the DC ingredient reduction of the photodiode is equipped with.

1) 103~107FIVE Decade Gain Range
 In the 103range, can input to +/-5mA. [-/+5V output]
2) 2) Bias voltage setting of +/-10V
 Either of common-anode and common-cathode can set a bias voltage.
3) 3) Offset current setting of +/-50uA
 By digital circuit, it can set by 25nA step. The set value maintains it in power OFF.
4) Check terminals are equipped with by measurement of the bias voltage and the observation of the output signal.
5) The Automatic offset alignment
 It coordinate an offset current automatically as an output DC level becomes 0V.
Because it does not become to 0V completely, please use it as adjustment to the “about 0V”.
6) 6) The variable fc low pass filter that is convenient for the amplification in the DC-low frequency.

Linearity  Less than 0.1%
Input current noise  5pA/√Hz
Frequency response  250kHz
Bias voltage  ±10V
Output(rating)  ±5V
Output(Max)  ±10V
Input(rating)  ±5mA
Input(Max)  ±10mA
Output Impedance  50Ω
Operating Voltage  DC4.5V~9V
Power consumption  0.3A @5V No-Input, No-Load
Profile  W 140mm × D 100mm × H 40mm (Without Rubber)
Weight  Less than 380g
Accessory  AC Adaptor


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