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Occurrence and Risk of Corona Discharge

Strongly oscillating electrical field around the electrode from high-frequency waves and high-voltage separate air molecules. The generated ions and atoms and the electrons already existing in the air accelerate and contact other molecules. The impacted molecules separate and increase the number of electrons and ions. The space where corona discharges occur generates light. This atmosphere promotes chemical reactions that breakdown insulating film. The higher the frequency, the quicker the insulation is damaged.

As the efficiency of electric appliances increases and the inverter control equipment diversifies, the risk of flashover discharge will increase more and more.
By all means using our corona discharge tester and related measuring instruments etc.
We will make future accidents.
This is why the best course is to design products such that corona discharges do not occur.
Please prevent.

corona discharge

Technical Information
One day, suddenly a motor stops working. Or a television stops working.


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