Measuring Instrument

Reduce partial discharge and corona discharge, reduce future accidents.

Excellent feature of our testing machine


High Frequency

Apply high frequency (10 k to 100 kHz) suitable for testing the corona discharge of the inverter. (XT-300 series) The XT – 200 series of intermittent pulse waves can also be applied for 500 to 1000 times per second.


To counter the inverter surge

By using the test signal assuming the inverter surge, it is possible to perform the test close to the actual use state. Two types of signals are applied to the test object. It is a continuous sine wave (XT300 series) of 10 to 100 kHz and an intermittent sine wave (XT 200 series).


Ease of handling

It is portable and movable. You can test on the desk.

Corona discharge tester

The CORONA-i XT series is a corona testing machine capable of nondestructive inspection that instantaneously stops when corona discharge is detected by applying high frequency / high voltage. From the endurance test on corona discharge to the inspection of all goods, there is an optimum one here.

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