Photodiode Amplifier LTA-40

LTA-40 is unique photodetector control amplifier appear.
High sensitivity IV amplifier, can be placed in a location more closer to the photodiode.
The 4 independent Amplifiers, can be observed four I-V systems the same time.

1) USB communication port Equipped
By PC communication, you can set up all of the functions of the LTA-40.
2) Since the LTA-40 is a voltage amplifier, it can be used as a general-purpose voltage amplifier.
3) Control amplifier LTA-40, equipped with the main amplifier independent 4-channel.
4) LTA-40 can add the offset voltage of up to ± 200mV at the input of the main amplifier, you can adjust the offset current adjustment of the photodiode.

Bias adjustment  -10.0V – +10.0V (0.1V Step)
Offset adjustment  -200.0mV – +200.0mV (0.1mVStep)
Voltage gain  x1、x10、x100、x1000、x10000
Frequency response  DC -1.5MHz (1Vpp Input)
Max. input level  ±8V (Bias=0V)
Max. output level  ±10V (Out level = 6dBNo load)
Input impedance  More than 2kΩ
Output impedance  50Ω
Primary power  AC88V~264V
Power consumption  approx. 10W
Profile  W 200mm × D 180mm × H 50mm (Case size)
Weight  approx. 1.5kg
Accessory  Power cable


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